About Beautech Skin Clinic

At Beautech skin clinic, we believe everybody deserves to feel great about the way they look, and our vast range of services are suitable for every individual need. We offer the latest technology in beauty available at the clinic to get you looking and feeling your best.

We’ll propose the ideal therapy to suit your needs using safe, painless cosmetic and aesthetic procedures for people of all ages. Our clinic uses advanced skincare equipment featuring the latest technology, ensuring your safety is always our top priority,

Our highly qualified, expert therapists, along with our in-house doctor, will carefully listen to your concerns, assess your skin condition and create a personalized treatment plan for optimal results. Our experienced team will attend to your needs, follow you constantly during your treatment, and support you throughout the process towards the best version of yourself.

Meet the team

A brief insight into our amazing team of skin care specialists


Aesthetic Therapist

Beatris is a highly qualified aesthetic therapist with 15 years of experience and advanced knowledge in facials, body sculpting treatments, and wellbeing. Friendly, efficient and passionate about her work, she wants to provide overall positive and visible results while focusing on the individual needs of her clients.


Aesthetic Therapist

Erda, a specialized aesthetic therapist, is enthusiastic about providing bespoke treatments to rejuvenate, refresh and enhance her patient’s unique features. She continuously educates herself with all the modern and traditional techniques used in the beauty industry to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. Erda gives her clients the very best of herself and personal time during each of her clients’ visits.


Body Care Therapist

Joanna is qualified in level 4 laser hair removal and specially trained for our Baldan Group body care equipment. She likes to stay up-to-date with the latest innovations in facial treatments and novelties in the beauty industry in her spare time, empowering patients to look and feel at their finest. Joanna believes, “You deserve the very best”. She is very friendly, a great communicator; she makes you feel at ease right away and ensures you genuinely enjoy your treatment.


GDC Registered Nurse

Sanaz is a GDC registered nurse with over eight years of experience in Aesthetic & Dentistry nursing; she understands every client individual needs & makes sure the clients are comfortable, and leave them happy after every treatment.


General Manager

Ricky has more than 25 years of experience in sales & managing medium to large-sized companies in the UK. He aims to bring the best of his knowledge and skills to create a positive and pleasant working environment where clients and staff are happy.