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Look your best for summer

After the last few months that we have all had to endure, now is the time to look forward and get back to doing the things we all love. For many of us, that means getting out the summer dresses, getting our hair done and topping up our tan. To accentuate your inner and outer beauty, why not try some of our innovative skin treatments for the body, face and aesthetics? We guarantee that you will be looking your best in no time, boosting your self-confidence and giving you the energy to take on the world!

Aesthetic Treatments

Our aesthetic treatments go well beyond your conventional beauty treatments and are carefully administered by our highly trained clinician. If you want to stand out from the crowd and make this summer one remember, why not treat yourself to something that extra special? We have a range of cutting-edge treatments at affordable prices are carried out at our state-of-the-art clinic in Lower Sloane Street, West London.

Our Anti-wrinkle Injections are available for just the sale price of £160, while our Calves Reduction Therapy can restore toning and dramatically improve the appearance of your low legs. Our Dermal Filler can help restore the natural volume to the skin on your face. At the same time, our Hyperhidrosis is a proven treatment to reduce excessive sweating, giving you the confidence to stride out in public again.

Body Treatments

We understand that you want to look your best, so we offer a range of exceptional body treatments designed to beautify and improve your skin. We have recently introduced B-Tonic electromagnetic technology, which helps improve muscle toning and burn fat. It is a revolutionary technique suitable for both men and women and involves exposing muscles to around 36,000 muscle contractions during each session.

Other additional weight loss therapies include Infrared Therapy, which, when combined with aerobic activity, improves body contouring and reduces joint inflammation and injury recovery. T-Shape helps to reduce localised fat deposits using a low-level laser to target stubborn deep fat cells. After you have toned your body and face, why not consider Laser Hair Removal to leave your skin permanently smooth and free from unwanted hair?

Facial Treatments

Of course, like all the top beauty clinics worldwide, we have a comprehensive range of facial treatments to ensure that your face looks radiant and fresh. One of the most popular and one that will have you looking your best in time for summer is Aqua 3, a treatment designed to remove dead skin cells and rebalance the skin’s moisture. We have a chemical peel that penetrates below the skin’s surface for those wishing to try a more intensive treatment. It enhances the toning and texture of the skin with long-lasting results.

Other facial therapies include using Radiofrequency to heat the skin to encourage the skin to produce more collagen and a complex skin rejuvenation technique again designed to increase collagen and elastin production. Finally, just like our T-Shape for the body, we offer similar treatment for the face. It is an innovative and modern technique designed to make you feel and look fantastic.


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Let us know a day and time that suits you and we'll call or email you to confirm.

Appointment Enquiry

Let us know a day and time that suits you and we'll call or email you to confirm.