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Our Guide to Face & Scrub Products

After months spent indoors, many of us have neglected our usual skincare routines, and often this can lead to a build-up of dead skins and sometimes acne. While there are several face and scrub products on the market, you must choose the correct one for you. Our clinic recommends the BM range of face and body scrub products, including BM Cleanser mixed with BM Glycolic Scrub, followed by a small application of BM Glycolic Plus, a specially formulated serum and facial cream.

Why do I need to use all of these products?

BM Cleanser should be used daily to remove dirt and grease that naturally build up. It should be applied to the skin, focusing on dry areas. Wash the skin with lukewarm water and pat dry. We suggest using the BM Scrub mixed with the cleanser two or three times a week as it contains apricot granules and glycolic acid. The scrub removes dead skin, restoring your skins natural glow and softness. Combining the two makes a “mini-peel”, which is more effective than when the products are used alone. Finish with BM Glycolic Plus Illuminating Serum and Facial Cream to restore the skin’s moisture and balance.

How to use face and body scrub products

BM face and body scrubs are suitable for all skin types but should be used as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Here are our tips for ensuring that you look your best.

  1. Never overdo it!
    Although a cleanser should be used every day, we would only recommend that you exfoliate two or three times per week. If you use an exfoliator more often, it is likely to cause irritation and damage the skin’s appearance.
  2. Know how much to use
    It is tempting to use too much scrub on the face, which is not only a waste but again can cause irritation. Ideally, you should use about the size of a 2p piece mixed with a similar amount of cleanser.
  3. Apply evenly
    Although you want to focus on dry patches of skin, once you have finished the application is should be relatively even. It will ensure that all dead skin cells are removed and also gives an even look after rinsing.
  4. Be gentle
    It can be tempting to scrub quite hard when using an exfoliator, but there is no need! The apricot granules provide enough abrasion for the soft skin on the face. Five to ten seconds of scrubbing is enough, and make sure to avoid contact with the eyes.
  5. Rinse thoroughly
    You should always ensure that you wash all of the scrub and cleanser off your face using lukewarm water. If some are left on the face, it may cause the skin to become dry and uncomfortable.
  6. Pat dry
    Always pat your face dry after exfoliating rather than wipe. It is likely to be sensitive due to the abrasion used, so handle with care!
  7. Apply moisturiser
    Finally, you should complete your cleanse and scrub by applying a high-quality moisturiser such as BM Glycolic Plus Illuminating Serum and Facial Cream. It will rehydrate your skin and return its natural balance.



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