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Calves Reduction

Beautech uses Botox for calf reduction, as it helps to feminize muscles. It contours the portion between the ankle and knees. Botox is infused into your leg muscles, debilitating the muscles, and contracting them. The calf consists of two muscles called soleus and gastrocnemius. Botox is normally infused into the gastrocnemius muscle as it is superficial.



Who doesn’t want to flaunt a slimmer and pleasing lower leg! But with the modern day lifestyle, fats and flab find a way in! Botox for calf reduction is an excellent solution to give a toned look to your legs. Beautech offers this non-surgical procedure to help you achieve the desired leg shape.

How effective is Botox for calf reduction?

We infuse botox on the (inward) side of the gastrocnemius muscle, as it is bulkier. The gastrocnemius muscle is the most superficial portion of the leg muscle that is responsible for cumbersomeness and swelling of the calf. As the calf is a longer muscle than the jaw, a larger amount of Botox is required.

This technique takes less than an hour. But an individual needs at least 2 treatment sessions to get perceptible outcomes. Patients need to undergo maintenance treatments to witness continuous effects. Medical experts prescribe botox for calf reduction as it can contour the leg muscles.

Long Lasting Results

The impact of Botox can last for 3 to 4 months You can expect to witness a decrease in calf size within 3 to 4 weeks, yet a subsequent treatment is recommendable to accomplish the optimal calf reduction. The outcome isn’t perpetual. However, the impact will last more with maintenance treatments.

Botox for calf reduction is side-effect-free!

Side effects are mild and rarer with cosmetic Lash and Brow Technician Course Aberdeentreatment. Like other infusion treatments, there could be redness, pain, and bruises. Nonetheless, these are temporary and the pain can be reduced through the utilization of desensitizing cream and cold pack before infusion.


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