Body Treatments

At Beautech Intelligent Skin Care, we have an amazing range of body treatments to improve and beautify your skin  

B-Tonic - 50% Discount in July

Price £200

B-Tonic electro-magnetic technology is the world’s first procedure for non-invasive muscle toning and burns fat for both man and woman.

When exposed to 36,000 muscle contractions in one session, the muscle tissue is reshaped, resulting in muscle gain (hypertrophy) and fat burning. The treated muscles become educated to use 100% capacity rather than the 40 % used daily.

Accelerating the number of contractions than a typical workout activity, we achieve a multiplication of the myofibers and obtaining muscle growth.

Infrared Therapy - 50% Discount in July

Price £90

A patented system mixes near-infrared light therapy with aerobic activity to achieve effective weight loss, body contouring, repair injury and joint inflammation, and much more.

A proven process that delivers effective results for fat reduction that leads to positive physical and mental wellbeing. This innovative device connects the many advantages of near-infrared light therapy with aerobic exercise, resulting in enhanced metabolism, weight loss, physique contouring, improved blood circulation, and many other long-term health and wellbeing benefits.

By training and stimulating the metabolism, body fat proceeds to burn for up to 24 hours after exercise. A session is a relaxing experience, as you are seated inside the machine for about 40 minutes, where you are to cycle constantly. It has a built-in television so you can view your favourite Netflix shows to pass the time, while the near-infrared lamps are continually working to activate the cells in your skin.

Once your session concludes, you have reprogrammed your metabolism; however, you will need just monthly maintenance sessions to sustain results.

Laser Hair Removal - 50% Discount in July

Price from £60

Fibra DFA is an innovative technology using combined microlenses that focus light into a single pulse sent via optical fibre to the hair root, ensuring precise, flawless epilation.

Moreover, thanks to the skin phototype detector, you will get the maximum effectiveness from the treatment without even the slightest burn. Suitable for all types of skin.

Save 50% off 6 or more treatments

Book a skin sample test during June 2021 and get a 50% discount when you buy a course of 6 or more laser treatments.

Discount is applied automatically at the cart when you select any 6 or more fibra treatments. Expires 31st July 2021. Excludes all other promotions.


Price £150

You can regain your figure by reducing localised fat deposits within a few sessions with T-Shape body remodelling and facial skin rejuvenation.

The combination of the three technologies:

  • Radiofrequency
  • Endermology vacuum massage
  • Laser LLLT


The dermis produces new collagen and elastin, obtaining outstanding results with firmer skin, more compact and younger.

T-Shape by Baldan is a straightforward three-in-one procedure with a unique handset to probe and massage the various toxins out of your system.

Using radiofrequency, which heats the skin upon contact, enables the therapist to target selective areas to remove cellulite and produce more collagen.

The low-level laser focuses on the deep fat cells, which dissolve and reduce in size. The vacuum helps lift and tighten the skin, stimulating circulation and lymphatic waste to discharge from your body.